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In this First Issue of ASTROSOUL Magazine, you will get daily guidance for the month of October and the following information: Libra 2nd & 3rd Decan, Scorpio 1st Decans, New Moon in Libra (Solar Eclipse), Sacred Space, Understanding a Birth Chart, Full Moon in Taurus (Lunar Eclipse),  Becoming a Modern Day Mystic, TAROT: The Fool Card, October Traditions, Twin Flame Energy Projections, and Horoscopes. 


This publication was created in response to working with so many beautiful souls around the world as a result of the Empress Moon Tarot 777 YouTube channel, now rebranded to Groovy Gypsy Tarot. I have walked with them through their struggles and rejoiced in their victories. It is my greatest joy to see people rise above their limiting beliefs to find peace and enlightenment. This magazine was created to give you the spiritual tools needed to create your beautiful life. Wishing you a future that is beyond wonderful.


- Ocean xo

ASTROSOUL: Illuminating Paths Issue 1 (October 2023)

$14.99 ราคาปกติ
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