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พ. 11 พ.ย.



Twin Flame Energy Alignment & Akashic Records Clearing

This is going to be a special Zoom event for the Twin Flames that are currently in Separation.

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Twin Flame Energy Alignment & Akashic Records Clearing
Twin Flame Energy Alignment & Akashic Records Clearing


11 พ.ย. 2563 19:00




On 11-11-2020 (22:22), we have a Twin Flame energetic portal designed to help the twins with their inner journey toward physical union and harmony in the 3D. During this session, you will learn some techniques to help you on your twin flame journey and we will be performing them as a group to get you started. 

What You Will Learn in This Twin Flame Energy Alignment Session: 

1. ENERGY SHIELD: You will learn how to energetically shield yourself each day to help keep you in alignment with your twin and block out any energy that you may have picked up from other people. We will perform a shielding exercise to get you started. 

2. ENERGY CLEARING: We will be clearing any energy from previous partners in this lifetime and the past lifetimes that may be lingering. In addition, we will be clearing any energy from family or friends that has caused emotional trauma.

3. RAISING YOUR VIBRATION: You will learn how to raise your vibration to bring you to a point of wholeness in the journey creating a deeper connection with your Twin Flame. We will do this exercise as a group. 

4. RELEASING ENERGETIC BLOCKS: We will discuss the potential blockages to union and what you can do to release them to move you closer to your twin flame. 

5. HEART PURIFICATION: You will learn a technique to clear negative energy on a heart level with your Twin Flame daily. We will perform this exercise as a group. 

6. HEART MERGE: You will learn a technique to help merge the hearts of the twins energetically to help each twin heal their inner wounds to come to a point of wholeness. 

7. TWIN FLAME TELEPATHY: You will learn how to use telepathy to connect to your Twin Flame and as a group we will all send a telepathic message to our twin flames.

8. DNA REPAIR TOOL: You will learn a method to energetically repair the DNA between you to create a stronger bond between the twins. We will perform this as a group. 

9. KARMA CLEARING WITH REIKI: Kimmy McRae, Usui Reiki Master, will send distance Reiki energy to clear past life Karma and any energetic blockages to union.

10. AKASHIC RECORDS CLEARING: You will be meeting your twin and shared Spirit Guide at the Akashic Records to clear past life karma. 

11. PREPARATION: We will discuss what is coming up next in the Twin Flame journey astrologically speaking and what you need to do to be prepared for the next few months. 


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