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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Let's get down to the B.A.R.E. facts of Manifestation!! Belief... Action... Reaction... Expectation

We talk about techniques to manifest our dreams as if it is some MAGICAL, MYSTICAL thing that happens instantly but when we do not see the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION of our DESIRE on our timeline, we become pessimistic and change the outcome or DELAY THE COURSE of movement further.

This pessimism is often fueled by FEAR and DISAPPOINTMENT which brings our energetic vibration down. Everything is energy! Let me repeat: EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Positive energy led by your thoughts can bring many good things and OPPORTUNITIES into your life while negative energy will bring you more problems.



I woke up today with a negative attitude, fueled by the fact that I received 1.5 hrs more sleep then I needed. The gym (likely my trainer’s positive mojo) knocked me out of it ready to face the day. On the way home, I couldn’t stop thinking of the sign I saw at a hookah bar called Crave in Charlotte, NC: BELIEVE IT BEFORE YOU SEE IT


Before I moved to Florida, I SCRIPTED A MANIFESTATION LETTER to my wonderful Spirit Guides thanking them for all the beautiful fabulous things that they would bring me in Florida. I was actively working towards MANIFESTING MY NEW LIFE AND A NEW ME.

Many of the items in my letter are beginning to play out. I’ve been kayaking on the Bay, I got to see my Red Sox play in the playoffs, I had my first paddleboarding lesson, I live on the water, and my dog & I are so incredibly happy here. I BELIEVED BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT all those things WOULD HAPPEN even though I didn’t know how.

One of the things that was in the letter is that I would be able to hire a trainer to help me get in the best shape of my life. This is something I have wanted to do since 2006. I had forgotten about my letter that day I walked into the gym and saw him. From the moment I saw my trainer, I just knew he was the guy that could help me finally get to where I want to be. The energy he exuded matched my thought process and the Universe knew he would understand my vision as I tried to describe what I was aiming for. That took action - I had to sign up with a gym and GO TO THE GYM for the Universe to begin to give me my manifestation. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am so stoked at the woman I am becoming.

MANIFESTATION TRICKLES DOWN LIKE A WATERFALL. This gym work has inspired me to finally begin work on a book idea I had four years ago. I'm more inspired in my everyday life and work which I know will help me manifest my business goals.

The key to manifestation begins with BELIEF but can only be moved by ACTION! Without Action, your dreams will remain dreams.

So many people use fear as a crutch. Rather than face the reality that action needs to be taken, our society choses avoidance. It is seen in our ghosting and blocking culture. When people are ghosting interviewers for a job, there is something fundamentally flawed in this country.

Nobody is going to receive the manifestation of their dreams by sitting on the couch binge watching the TV Show Manifest while drinking and eating the day away avoiding human contact and responsibilities. Many people rely on signs that they see and say, "I know it is coming! I just saw 2222 or 1111 today." They don't take action. You can see all the numbers in the world over and over again but IF YOU DO NOTHING, YOU WILL GET NOTHING.

Some want love in their life but avoid social interaction. Others are looking for a new job or want to move up the ladder in their current job but do not take the time to study and grow their skillset.

When you are IN MOTION, SPIRIT CAN MOVE YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Belief cannot make your dreams happen without CONSISTENT MOVEMENT and GROWTH FORWARD.

REACTION Can Bring Your Dream to You or Push It Away

Endlessly contemplating the saying I saw in the bar, I realized we are always in a constant state of flux each day. One minute we could be surround by magical unicorns & fairies of bright blessings and the next minute we are staring at the Orcs of Mount Doom! The saying isn’t just a shift in mindset. It is A FEELING IN YOUR SOUL. You know without understanding how, that YOU WILL MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS!

The challenge and the goal is to shift your REACTION TO LIFE EVENTS back to positivity and remain growth minded; to discover joy on every corner while feeling the energy of amazing things coming to you. If we continually work towards evolving, we discover our manifestations fall in our lap precisely when we aren’t expecting them.


Let me ask you a question, do you know deep in your gut that your manifestation is on the way?? That's your intuition. TRUST YOUR INTUITION ABOVE EVERYTHING!

It is your expectation that seals the deal on your dreams becoming a reality. You need to HOLD THE VISION, TAKE ACTION, REMAIN POSITIVE, and know that YOU ARE A MANIFESTING MACHINE. YOU'VE GOT THIS. THAT DREAM IS WITHIN REACH! The Universe knows what you want and is just waiting for you to seize your future now but taking SMALL CONSISTENT STEPS FORWARD.



I am the founder of Empress Moon Sacred Services and the talent of YOUTUBE'S EMPRESS MOON TAROT 777 channel. I am a psychic medium, intuitive tarot reader, Shamanic practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, TWIN FLAME COACH, and Author. It is my PASSION to help SOULS find their Way to TRUE HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in all their endeavors.


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